rainbow.jpgI have been carving decoys since 2003, since then I have entered many competitions taking home ribbons in a vast array of categories. Some are in Decorative, Working, and people's choice. I make most of my decoys out of White Cedar for the natural temperature resistance and the grain of the wood. The majority of my decoys are considered Workers, but I also carve many Decorative decoys for collectors, mantels, and show pieces. I take many custom orders in and try to make as many as time allows, mostly to spear over. Each fish carved has its own attitude and style.

walleye.jpgI am well known for making beautiful slow to medium swimmers, this to will be judged in competition, but the best judge is the Northern Pike attacking a decoy. Most people get excited watching a decoys glide its circles as it looks like a wounded bait fish to a Pike. The anticipation of a pike coming into a hole is what keeps your adrenaline pumping, and you sitting on the edge of the seat. When a Pike takes in a decoy it is very bittersweet. You are very excited knowing he thought your creation is dinner, but frustrating knowing he just scratched up, or even mangled your hours of work on a decoy, which makes it all Priceless.

Currently I am making a few Replicas and soon will have some pictures of them. You can view pictures of my finished replica on the Replicas page.

If you are interested in purcasing decoys, orders are welcome.

For more information about decoys and carving contests visit the National Fish Decoy Association

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